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Chiropractic care helps you become better aligned, allowing for increased health and well being. Here are testimonials from clients like you, who wanted more from life and to live pain free.

Carol R.
“When I first came to Dr. Rugoff I had chronic lower back pain. Through his treatment I have improved…found it really effective. I am very grateful.”

Margaret L.
“I initially presented with sinus problems and recurrent ear infections. I am happy to say, after the treatment, I haven’t had a sinus or ear infection in 3 years.”

Pam S.
“I am seeing Dr. Rugoff for chronic lower back pain. I can now function very well. I get immediate relief with chiropractic care as opposed to medications.
I can’t say enough about how Dr. Rugoff has helped.”

Joe S.
“I had very bad neck pain with arm numbness. Treatment has been excellent.
Thank you Dr. Rugoff.”

Karen T.
“I had been in a car accident and had hurt my neck and had significant low back pain. Now it’s better. I am pleased to say that Dr. Rugoff has changed my life.”

Mary C.
“I came to Dr. Rugoff about a month ago and was unable to stand or cook.
After just a few weeks I am able to do all those things plus much more and my back has been more stable than it has been in months.”

Armand B.
“I’ve been seeing Dr. Rugoff for both shoulder and lower back pain. Thanks to the adjustments, and the natural healing process, I am pretty much back to normal now.”

Kandy T.
“I had severe back, neck and shoulder pain. With just one adjustment, I am actually like a new woman. I can walk without severe pain. Thank you Dr. Rugoff.”

Shawn B.
“I am a teaching tennis professional…I had sprained my back to the point I couldn’t stand up without severe pain. After two weeks of treatment, I am not only back on my feet, but feel as good as I did well before my injury.
Thank you for a job well done.”

Testimonials for Pregnancy

Ilana K.
I came to Dr. Rugoff, before I got pregnant, with neck pain and he helped me a lot. I continued more regularly during pregnancy. I would come in wobbling…with hip problems, and mid-back pain and I would leave skipping…he made me feel like I wasn’t pregnant or carrying extra weight. I had a healthy nine pound boy without any ill effects.”

Margaret M.
“I’ve used chiropractic care during my pregnancies for lower back pain, sciatic nerve problems and neck pain. Dr. Rugoff helped me through the pregnancies…I’d suggest it to anyone.”

pronosticuri fotbal azi pronosticuri pariuri ponturi pariuri sportive