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More than half of Americans admit to experiencing back pain symptoms each year, but did you know that back pain is also one of the most common reasons for missing work? Many Albany, NY residents spend long hours sitting at desks and staring at computer screens. This means that there is an extreme lack of […]

Back Pain Doctor in Albany, NY & Beyond   With so many changes occurring in a woman’s body during pregnancy, experiencing some form of back pain, specifically lower back pain, is completely normal and to be expected. Each woman and each pregnancy will be different from the next, but in general, a newly expecting mother […]

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help You Lose Weight? Family Chiropractor & Weight Loss Treatments in Albany, NY The relationship between weight loss & chiropractic treatment. When we’re not feeling our best physically, it’s only natural to not want to move around much. After all, if moving is just going to cause pain, then why even bother? […]

“Healing Hands” Dr. Rugoff’s February Newsletter for Patients and Friends   Who Needs A Hug? Dear Patient, “Brothers don’t shake hands…Brothers gotta’ HUG!”, or so goes the famous line from one Tommy Boy.  Haven’t seen that movie? I recommend it. I favor comedies over any other Genre. I thought this would be fitting with the […]

          Dear Patients and Friends, I’m writing you this newsletter from the comfort of my home. I love being home with family but I also know that you are important to me. I make it my mission to improve the lives of those around me. I am determined to make 2018, […]

Dear Patients and Friends,    The Holidays are upon us but I know a lot of patients complain about the gift giving, the long lines, and the stress of preparing everything, spending money, credit debt, etc. But you know what? It’s all about family, friends; the ones we love and care about. If you don’t […]

Our offices will be closing for the Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday the 22nd at 1pm, and closed on Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th as well.   We will be open on Monday the 27th. We hope all of you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

    Dear Patients and Friends, October is finally here. The weather will be cooling down, and the kids will be getting ready for Halloween. Don’t forget this one little thing when you’re handing out something at the door. The more sugar the children put into their bodies, the better their chance of getting a […]

      Dear Patients and Friends, School is back in session. That means the streets will be busier in the mornings and the evenings again. Kids today are immersed in technology. They are plugged in and tuned out to the world around them. Texting, listening to music, selfies or on tweeter. They are, for […]

          Dear  Patients and Friends, Hello again. I’m going to really have some fun this month. First of all, it’s HOT out there. I know its August and all of that, but you need to be thinking ahead and preparing for cooler weather soon enough. It’s already August and January seems […]

pronosticuri fotbal azi pronosticuri pariuri ponturi pariuri sportive